AeroEYES A completely revolutionary solution providing landing lighting to small to medium remote airfields. Aeroeyes are by far the most economical and... Read More
AeroLED Side These runway side-lights use compact fluorescent which offer energy saving and long life as we use an 8000 hour lamp.  The lamp we use can also... Read More
AeroLED Parpi LED's are ideal for Parpi lights as they are inherently directional which is what is required for Parpi lights. The Aeroled-Parpi is in the approval... Read More
AeroLED End These are stalk mounted LED units mounted on frangible couplings (which break off if struck). They are red on the one side and green on the other... Read More
AeroLED Taxi Stalk These are used where taxiway indication is needed in grassed areas and the stalk is needed to raise the light to a visible height. These are either... Read More

Basic Windsock External Illumination

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