Process (Temp & Humidity)

TxRail The temperature transmitter TxRail for DIN 35mm is easily programmable by user. The transmitter replaces the traditional analog transmitters with... Read More

Smart Temperature Transmitters ISOLATED TxIsoRail

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TxMiniBlock TxMiniBlock is a cost-effective programmable RTD temperature transmitter for head mounting. With a unique microprocessor based technology it features... Read More
TxBlock USB The TxBlock-USB is a high precision head mounted temperature transmitter. The universal input reduces inventory while the native USB port facilitates... Read More
TxIsoPack TxIsoPack - USB is a fully isolated 4 to 20 mA two-wire loop powered temperature transmitter  for in-head assembly.Complete sensor type selection and... Read More
Temp WM-DM The TEMP-WM and TEMP-DM transmitter series incorporate the best high accuracy and great stability temperature sensors. They convert the measured... Read More
RHT-Air The RHT-Air is a wireless transmitter that when coupled with the AirGate-Modbus provides an excellent solution for wireless monitoring of temperature... Read More