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The ADDA 8G alarm annunciator was specifically designed as an addition to our standard range of alarm annunciators to provide a low cost reliable unit for use where potential free alarm relay contacts in the field are provided.

This alarm annunciator uses a standard alarm sequence (I.S.A standard alarm sequence A-14) i.e. on receipt of fault , a siren sounds and the appropriate LED flashes; on acceptance the siren stops and the Led goes to the steady state. When the fault is corrected the Led extinguishes. Subsequent faults start the same sequence and previous accepted alarms stay as is. These alarm units all have internal power supplies and can quite simply be ADDED together to make up a larger alarm system. The basic alarm unit can be used in conjunction with external pushbuttons for "ACCEPT" and "LAMP TEST" as well as an external buzzer and will provide 8 alarm circuits each. The pushbutton module alarm provides 4 alarm circuits as well as internal buzzer with volume adjustment and two front panel pushbuttons for the "ACCEPT" and "LAMP TEST" functions.

• Internally protected inputs.
 Jumper selectable for normally open or normally closed inputs.
 24DC/110/220VAC internal power supplies.
 Fully expandable.
 Synchronized flash.
 Uses standard engraving material for front panel legends.
 Strong aluminium extruded enclosures.
 Potential free relay output for sirens etc.
 Simple reliable and compact (only 96mmx96mm for 8 way).
92x92mm Cutout

Note: Engraving of front panel is free if details are supplied on order, otherwise there will be a charge per Alarm Window

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