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 Colours & Brightness
 PLROBFD-U Std Diffused Red PLROB-D-U Std Diffused Red
 PLROBFD-M Super Diffused Red PLROB-D-M Super Diffused Red
 PLROBFC-M Super Clear Red PLROB-C-M Super Clear Red
 PLROBFEC-M Extra Super Clear Red PLROBE-C-M Extra Super Clear Red
   PLROB-C-T True Green
 PLROBFC-K Super Clear Yellow PLROB-C-K Super Clear Yellow
   PLROB-C-B Std Clear Blue
 PLROBFD-N True Orange PLROB-D-N True Orange
 12VAC/DC No Yes
 24V AC/DC Yes Yes
 48V AC/DC Yes Yes
 110V AC/DC Yes Yes
 220V AC Special Order
 500V AC Yes No

This range of encapsulated warning lights are constructed in a clear impact resistant poly-carbonate lens and is available in various brightnesses and colours. The printed circuit board holding the LED's and associated circuitry are encapsulated into the poly-carbonate lens with an epoxy resin. This makes the product moisture proof and highly reliable. These warning lights are available in the steady on state or with built in flashers. The termination for these units is available on the rear of the lens via two M3 brass screws, thus termination with ring lugs is ideal. The units can be supplied including a two entry back box or can be ordered separately.

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